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Welcome to Reception


What a wonderful first week the children have had. They are all settling into their new routines and it is great to see so many smiling faces in the morning.

This first term in reception is going to be very busy with trips planned and building up to our Christmas Nativity in December. Below is our topic map for the term it gives a brief outline of the things we will be focusing on this term. These areas of learning will be done through the children interest. We have started with focusing on us and our family. The children have begun to paint their own self-portraits.


PE-  Tuesdays

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school including warm appropriate clothing for outdoor PE sessions too. Please can you also make sure everything is named? It helps us to ensure your child has the right clothing and it is easier to return to them.  Kits are to be in school as there may be some other non-timetabled PE time. Kits will be returned on the last day of the half term for washing.



This week the children brought home a book to share with you. The can try to find sounds or words they recognise within it but they are not expected to read it to you. Over the next 2 weeks will be looking at the children’s reading levels and providing them with a reading book for them to read to you.

It is an expectation of the school that the children read at least three times per week.  Daily is desirable.  The children have the opportunity to change their books once a week at the start of reception. They may need to read it 3 or 4 times to build fluency and confidence with it. However this does not mean you should share other stories with the children. Reading to children allows them to begin to recognise written words and hear expression in reading. It develops a love of stories and a desire to want to read.


Our Meet the teacher meeting will be Friday 20th September after school at 3.20. You will need to collect the children and then wait on the playground. We will then let you into the classroom to come and hear about key information.


If you have any queries please contact the school office and I will gladly meet with you after school.  Mornings are difficult as we are settling the children, so please pass on any messages via the school office or Mrs Burgess or Mrs Clarke in the school playground.


We look forward to a happy and successful year.


Miss Conyard

Ms Perrin

Mrs Roberts




Topic Maps for the term

High Frequency Words