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Class 4 update- 2.4.20 


We have now set up an email address for the class which is


After easter I will again be setting work on the class page. You will need to be able to log into purple mash as I will be using resources from that site to help. You can email me any queries about the work set via the class email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Thanks for your continued support. I hope you all have a lovely Easter. 



Good morning all, I need your help today. 


Tomorrow is Ms Perrin’s last official day with us as part of the Leverstock Green Team. She is retiring after many years with us, 12 years in fact. Usually we would make a book of pictures and messages as a farewell gift. However due to the current situation we have been unable to do this. However I wonder if the children could create a picture at home and upload it for Ms Perrin. I can collate them and put it together in a book for her and deliver it next week.  Yes these will be printed pictures and not the children’s original art work but it’s still theirs. Any messages can also be printed and put in. We would like as many of the children as possible to contribute to this. Please encourage them to share their favourite memories of working with her. I’m sure she will love to read them all. 


If someone would be kind enough to share this on the class Facebook page I’d really appreciate it. 

Work can alternatively be emailed in to our new class email account, which will be going live later today.


All messages and pictures need to be received by email by mid day on Monday 6th April to allow me time to collate everything before delivering it to her on Wednesday. 


Thank you for all your continued support during this unprecedented time. 

Miss Conyard

Class 4 update 1.4.20


Purple Mash

I am aware that lots of you have already started using the website 'Purple Mash' which is absolutely brilliant. For those of you that haven't, the link is I will start setting tasks on there which I should then be able to see once you have completed them. Please bear with me as I am new to the website so it will take some getting used to! Feel free to explore the website and complete tasks that you find useful and/or interesting. I am looking forward to seeing your work!


Miss Tinker :) 

Class 4 update 30.3.20!


Good morning class 4! As our second week in lockdown begins, I want you to know that I'm thinking of you all. I miss being in school and hearing the stories about your weekend.


I will give you another list of activities that you could be getting on with during these difficult times, however it's important to mention that there is no right or wrong ways to 'home school'. Please do what works best for your family and your children. 


This could be the perfect time to learn a new hobby, read a book you've always wanted to, or finally master a difficult musical piece.  Take time to enjoy each others company and be kind to one another. Stay safe and positive. Things will get better. 


Miss Tinker :) 

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Lockdown Links

Here is a list of useful links to help support children during school closures.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!

CLASS 4 UPDATE- 26.03.20


Good morning! I hope everyone is well this morning.


As well as the workbooks that you have been given, I will also be updating the class page with a range of activities to complete. You can complete these in any order as they are only ideas that may help. Please continue to read and practise spelling, handwriting and times tables. Make sure to exercise where possible. 


Wishing you all the best,

Miss Tinker



Complete the Easter reading and tasks using the link on this page.



Look at a world map, try to study it closely and copy it out onto a piece of paper. Take care when looking at

a) The size of each continent and country

b) The countries and continents that are next to each other.

c) The distance of the sea between each continent or country.


Then answer these questions...

1) Which continent has the most countries?

2) Which continent is the biggest?

3) Which country is the smallest?

4) Which countries border China?

5) Jane is currently in South Africa and she wants to get to Poland. She is not allowed to travel via aircraft or boat. Please Plan Jane's route home, listing down all the countries that she would have to go to and in what order. 


Now look closely at a map of the United Kingdom. Then, either print or copy resource 'Blank map of the UK'-also on the class page. Identify the following cities and mark them onto your map. If you would like to challenge yourself, add as many towns and cities as you can. You may also want to look at which towns and cities are in which county. 

1) Liverpool

2) London

3) Leeds

4) Bristol

5) Colchester

6) Sunderland

7) Bath

8) Glasgow 

9) Belfast

10) Hemel Hempstead




Write a paragraph about a book that you have been reading this week. Who is your favourite character and why? What do you think is going to happen next in the book? What have you learnt from the book? (either factual information or something that a character has taught you). Where is the story set? 

Write an alternative ending of the book, either before finishing it or after.


Start a diary, making sure to update it each day. Add at least one different fronted adverbial to each entry. Aim for interesting vocabulary and punctuation. Check spellings and up-level work. 


Look up the following words in a dictionary and write their definition. Then, use each word in a variety of sentences. Once you have done that, use a thesaurus to up-level the word in each sentence, making sure to pick a better alternative that makes sense in the particular context. 

  1. International  
  2. Intertwine
  3. Interrupt
  4. Intercept
  5. Interpersonal
  6. Intervene
  7. Interject
  8. Antibiotic 
  9. Antidote
  10. Antihistamine 


Write a letter to the nurses and doctors at your local hospital or general practice - make sure to use the correct letter lay out. 




Complete the addition and subtraction booklet. (on class page)

Complete the multiplication and division booklet. (on class page)

*I will upload the answers in a few days for you to mark your work.*



Draw a detailed picture of what you can see outside your window. Complete this activity at the same time weekly so that you have pictures to compare. 


Create an ‘art attack’ style picture outside- take a picture of it and send it to me via email. I will then upload them onto the class page for all to see.



Use the Joe Wicks workout videos


Create a workout video, containing lots of different repetitive movements, for the rest of the children in class 4 to follow. 




Below is the link for the multiplication check as promised. 

Please try and practise as often as possible to ensure your child is familiar with the layout and time pressure. We will also be using this website to practise in class. The multiplication check will be carried out in June.

Matilda the Musical Trip