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Wednesday 1st July- Weekly timetable update

Hello parents and carers of class 4. I have uploaded a topic map for the remaining 3 weeks of the summer term *starting from Monday 6th July*. On this topic map there are links to both BBC Bitesize and Purple Mash websites along with ideas to help you with your home learning. I understand that home learning has been difficult for many so please do not feel pressure to complete everything on the topic map. On the other hand, if you feel you want more resources in any particular area, please do not hesitate to email me and I will try to provide this for you. I have decided to no longer provide a weekly timetable as it has not worked in unison with groups A and B returning to school. Some activities had been repeated and some children had missed key knowledge which I expected them to have prior to the lesson. I have uploaded a blank timetable that you may wish to fill out with your child at the beginning of the week, using the activities provided to add some structure. Highlighted aspects of the home learning timetable will be covered with groups A and B in school. I hope the you enjoy the home learning activities, please email me with any problems/questions. 


Happy Learning,


Miss Tinker :)  



Saturday 27th June


Hello year 4, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. As promised, I have uploaded a 3 day timetable for next week. Group A should complete days 1-3 on Wednesday-Friday and group B should complete days 1-3 on Monday-Wednesday. Children that are not returning to school can also access some other activities that we will be using within school. If you are in groups A or B please do not complete the extra activities as this will then be repeated in school. Continue to practise your timetables and number bonds and read regularly at home. I have also left last weeks work available for children that did not manage to complete it. James and the Giant Peach is available under day 1 of last week. 


Happy learning, 


Miss Tinker :) 

Week Beginning 29th June

Sunday 21st June:

Hello class 4! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend enjoying the sun. As you're aware, year 4 will be returning in groups A and B from Monday. Some of you will be in on Monday and Tuesday, some of you will be in on Thursday and Friday, and some of you will be choosing to stay socially distanced at home. I have uploaded a 3 day timetable for the children to be completing on the days that they are at home. In some areas this will correspond to what we are doing at school and in some ways it will differ. I will also upload a document with extra activities for those children that will not be returning at all. Some of these extra activities will be completed with groups A and B during school time so please don't complete any if your child is returning.  Please don't hesitate to get in contact with any questions.


I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you this week!


Miss Tinker :)

Week Beginning 22nd June

Classroom Update

Classroom Update 1
Classroom Update 2


If you have missed any tasks on Purple Mash that you would like to catch up on, please email me as I can reset specific tasks for individual children. Also, please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions about the tasks.


I hope you are all staying safe in the rainy weather. Fingers crossed the sun will get his hat on again soon!


Miss Tinker 

Sharing Wall:

I have created a section on the class page where I will upload work that you send me for others to enjoy. I look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to!

*I will upload both work that I have suggested on the timetable, and work that you have decided to do yourself. 

Class 4 update 1.4.20


Purple Mash

I am aware that lots of you have already started using the website 'Purple Mash' which is absolutely brilliant. For those of you that haven't, the link is I will start setting tasks on there which I should then be able to see once you have completed them. Please bear with me as I am new to the website so it will take some getting used to! Feel free to explore the website and complete tasks that you find useful and/or interesting. I am looking forward to seeing your work!


Miss Tinker :) 

Lockdown Links

Here is a list of useful links to help support children during school closures.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!



Below is the link for the multiplication check as promised. 

Please try and practise as often as possible to ensure your child is familiar with the layout and time pressure. We will also be using this website to practise in class. The multiplication check will be carried out in June.

Matilda the Musical Trip