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Class 5

Dear All,

As we begin week 2 of lockdown, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you all and miss being in school. I also  understand that things might be difficult but we will try to help with suggestions for activities to keep you healthy in mind and body.

You have no doubt been inundated with suggestions and opinions as to what is the right and wrong way to

' home school' your child/children, perhaps even making you feel under pressure. In my opinion, you must do what works for your family circumstances. I have attached a timetable for the week, with the caveat that it must be adjusted to suit each child/family. 

Take time to enjoy being together, perhaps beginning a new hobby, perhaps something as simple as learning the names or calls of different birds- this can be done on your daily outing, in a garden or from the window.

Spring is a wonderful time for change- not that we would have wished for this onefrown- so make notes of the changes,perhaps beginning a nature diary.


Above all, take care of one another, be kind and know that this will pass. Stay safe!

Ms Hardie



Spring 2

Dear All,

As we begin an unprecedented time, I will be keeping this page up to date with suggestions to keep you busy.

Firstly, follow government guidance and keep yourself and others safe. Secondly, be kind to one another and help each other in a variety of ways. There will be times when you are at home and may feel bored or frustrated –that is understandable. It is up to each one of us to do our best in a difficult situation.

Thirdly, I would like to suggest that you try as far as possible to follow some sort of routine, building in time for school work , exercise, chores in the house and relaxation time as well as , where possible, fresh air ( again following government guidelines). Try to get plenty of sleep, sticking to your normal bedtime routine and getting up at a reasonable time. Although it may be tempting to lounge around in pyjamas, unless you are unwell this is not advisable. Some suggest that dressing in school uniform will help children to focus on educational activities. Perhaps wear the polo shirt or sweatshirt with jogging trousers or leggings during the ‘normal’ school hours to give you a sense of being at school.

I would like all year 5 children to create a timetable for each week.

This should include set times for different activities that fit in with family life and school expectations. I attach a template below that can be adapted or copied. This week will begin on activities planned for Tuesday and includes the minimum expectations as well as suggestions that may be added.

Remember- healthy minds and healthy bodies need regular exercise.

Take care and remember the 5R’s apply at home too. Which one will you focus on today?

Take care and stay safe.

Ms Hardie

Lockdown Links

Here is a list of useful links to help support children during school closures.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!

Lockdown Links

Here is a list of useful links to help support children during school closures.


Please be aware that Twinkl are offering all parents free access to their resources for a month (ultimate pack).This usually comes at a very high price and the resources are fantastic. It is worth taking advantage of and I will be making suggestions over the course of the coming weeks.


  • BBC Bitesize A free educational resource for children aged 3-16+
  • Classroom Secrets Kids Offering free access until the end of April 2020. A child-friendly platform for children
  • Oxford Owl Free resources available for download without registering




Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Spelling -half-termly list.

Home Learning