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Due in: Tuesday 21st January 2020

Find out 4 key facts about a famous musician or composer of your choice.  (Anyone from Vivaldi to Ed Sheeran!)


You should find out:

  • The year when they were born
  • Their full name
  • Where they are from
  • What music they are famous for


Use the template (PDF below) to record your research.  We will be adding these facts to our classroom timeline so please do not stick them in your home learning books.

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Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 - Information


What are the Class 3 routines?

The school day starts as soon as the children walk through the door…


Reading Records* are checked at the start of the school day (before the register) and children will be reminded to change their reading book if they need to.  Please date, sign and leave comments about your child's reading in the Reading Record.  The Reading Records contain phonics prompts, comprehension questions and spelling lists that you may choose use to support your child at home.

*Please use your child’s Reading Record to make Mrs E Clarke/Mr Provo aware of any important information for the start of the school day as Reading Records are read by staff first thing in the morning.

e.g. ________ is being picked up by x’s mum.  _________ was not feeling well this morning, please call if he/she feels worse.

If you need to make the school aware of any personal or sensitive information, please make an appointment via the office to speak with Mrs E Clarke/Mr Provo or another member of staff.


Children will be taught a range of subjects throughout the year that are based around a topic…

Our Spring 1 Topic will be ‘The Sound of Music’.  Please see the Topic Map below to find out what we will be learning in Spring 1 across the curriculum.


PE will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please ensure that children have their full, named PE kit with them in school each day.  Please see the school uniform policy if you are unsure what your child should wear for PE.  Please avoid lace up trainers unless your child can quickly and independently tie them.  Please remove earrings on PE days.


What do they need to learn or practise at home?


Home Learning will be given to children on Thursdays to be completed and handed in by children on the following Tuesday.  If your child misplaces their copy of the homework or is absent on the day it is handed out, it can be found on this page (see below).  Home learning is linked to what the children have or are about to learn in school.  Completing it can help to reinforce what they have learnt in school or prepare them for tasks ahead.  Sometimes the Home Learning takes the form of a competition entry and there are chances to win prizes for the children and the school.


The number facts focus for Spring 1 will be the 3 times table.  This will be given out at the start of term for children to stick in their home learning books and practise at home.  We will be practising fluency in these number facts in a variety of ways.  At home, children can choose their own way to memorise their times tables.  Here are some ideas:

  • Recite a times table on each step of your walk to school
  • Create a times table dance/song
  • Say a times table before every bite of breakfast and dinner
  • Write out your times tables in your favourite pens/colours/crayons
  • Stick your times tables as separate post-it notes up the stairs – challenge yourself to know them out of order

Children will not complete a number facts ‘test’ each week.  They will complete a range of times tables activities that will be discreetly teacher assessed.


Weekly Spelling Lists will be given out at the start of each half term for children to stick in their Home Learning books.  Please practise these words regularly with your child at home.

Children will have a weekly spelling lesson that focuses on the word list and they will have opportunities for independent spelling practise throughout the week.

Spelling Tests will take place on Friday mornings and the children will be sent home with their spelling list and score (by the end of Monday).  Their results will show which words need more practise OR that their hard work at home and at school has paid off.

If you require additional copies of the Weekly Spelling List, please print it from this page (see below).


Please take some time to browse the information, links and files on our class page.

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