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01/07/2020  A new book and a class page 'new look'!

Good afternoon all,

It was lovely to see Group A back in school on Monday and Tuesday and I look forward to seeing Group B tomorrow!

I have allocated you all the second Beowulf themed book on Bug Club 'Beowulf Meets His Match'.  It follows on from the last amusing story we heard from Grendel but from a different perspective this time...

I hope you enjoy it!

I've also taken the day to improve my computing skills and have managed to create sub-pages for each subject for you on here so that you don't have to scroll through a long list of documents to find what you need.  I hope it helps!

Take care,

Mrs E Clarke

Class 3 update - HOORAY!  25/06/2020


Dear all,


Year 3 will be welcomed back next week (week beginning Monday 29th June).


You should have already received information about which group your child has been placed in for their summer return.  If you have not, please contact me via the class email address:


Children in group A will attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Children in group B will attend school on Thursdays and Fridays.


What can I do to prepare my child for the return to school?

  • Discuss the new start and end of day times (9.15am - 3.30pm) with them and the one-way drop off and collection system (entrance via Nursery courtyard where their temperature will be taken, then children will walk round to the Year 3 classroom; at the end of the day, I will bring the children back round to be collected from the Nursery courtyard gate)
  • Plan your alarm settings together so that your child knows what time they need to wake up and leave the house on their two ‘at school’ days
  • Try on school uniform to check it still fits and consider ordering a size that will still fit in September if new uniform is needed.  Do not worry about buying new school shoes.  If their school shoes are now too small then non-fluorescent, ideally plain trainers will be suitable for the last few weeks.
  • Talk to them about any questions they have and reassure them that I will be able to answer ‘structure of the day’ questions when they get to school.  If children have any burning questions that can’t wait, they can email me on the Year 3 email address.
  • Gather all the reading books that were sent home with your child when school closed. Zip them back up inside the named plastic wallet they were given ready to bring with them on their first day back.  Children will carry them through the gate and place them in a lidded box outside the classroom door before going inside to wash their hands and learn about the new routines.
  • Explain that they will not need their reading record in school for the rest of the year and that they will not be taking books home or bringing them in once their pouch of reading books is returned.  This is to limit the transmission of items between home and school that may unknowingly carry the virus.  For their daily reading at home, children can read from their collection of books at home and use Bug Club to read e-books at their reading level.
  • Make sure they know who is picking them up each day from school
  • Apply sun cream before coming to school
  • Explain to your child that their temperature will be taken using an infrared thermometer when they arrive to be let into school at the Nursery gate.  If their temperature reads 38 degrees or higher, they will have to go home immediately as a high temperature means they are poorly.


What will my child need to bring to school?

  • A pencil case containing pencils, colouring pencils, a ruler, a rubber, sharpener, glue stick, small pair of scissors and a black writing pen.
  • A small packet of tissues.
  • Trainers
  • A coat in case it rains
  • A named water bottle
  • A snack.
  • Packed lunch (unless they will be ordering a school lunch - please see the 'Dinner options' letter that was emailed to you)
  • (On the first day of their return) Bring back the reading books you borrowed from school inside the plastic, named zip wallet.
  • (optional) They may also bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep on their desk.


What will my child not need to bring?

  • It is with deep regret that we can no longer have any cuddly creatures in the classroom at all… not on your coats… not snuggled up cosily in your bags… not hiding in your lockers ready to be released at the end of the day.  They need to stay safely at home.
  • Sadly, interesting pebbles, sticks or other nature that you usually accumulate throughout your days cannot be brought into the classroom either.
  • Reading Records won’t be needed.
  • No need for your PE kits for the last few weeks – we will still be doing outdoor activities, but trainers will suffice! (Some children still have PE kits in their lockers as they were not in school on the last day before closure when we had ‘locker clear-outs’.  I will make sure all children take PE kits home by the end of term along with Art tops to be washed ready for use in September.)


What learning should children be doing at home on the remaining 3 days or if they are not returning to school?

I have created a Summer 2 Topic Map with links to resources that will help you and your children to create your own weekly timetables for the remaining three weeks of term.  Children are not expected to complete every activity on the topic map.  I have shared more than enough activities to cover the final three weeks of learning as I will not be able to create weekly home-learning timetables that work in conjunction with each child’s 2-days or no days in school.  Please read the full document below which should answer any questions about what and how much to be doing at home.  I have marked the content that I will be focusing on teaching in school with the children who are returning.


See you soon!


Take care,

Mrs E Clarke

Classroom update!

Classroom update! 1 This is how our classroom looks now!

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