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New Nursery Parents


Thank you for joining us for our remote nursery intake meeting. Here is the PowerPoint below covering the details talked about at the meeting. We will contact you very soon with a start date for your child and a small group online meeting to say hello to a few friends before starting in September. In the meantime if you have any questions or have any concerns please email the admin team and I will get back to you. We look forward to getting to know you all very soon.


Georgina Wilson

Nursery parents meeting July 2020

A message for any nursery families that are coming to us or staying with us in September.


I have attached a pdf story of a child starting school for you to share with your child. This will enable you to introduce the idea of going to nursery or school and possibly staying all day. This will help all children especially those that will be full time in September. Read the story and talk about it with your child. Doing this several times every now and again will help your child understand some of the experiences that will be ahead for them and help them cope emotionally for what could possibly be a challenge. It will be ‘welcome back’ to those families we know and for those that are new, we are looking forward to meeting you and beginning the process of getting to know you.



Georgina Wilson, Early Years Lead

Nursery team for September 2020

Getting ready for school/Nursery

Week beginning 29th June - Please find below a new challenge grid. You will find the top row describes some of the activities we have been doing at nursery or will be doing this week with children at nursery. The bottom row suggests an extension activity to further develop the learning. As with the previous grids all the activities are optional; there are so many opportunities for children to learn through everyday life and experiences eg helping around the house, cooking, and exploring nature. However, engaging with some phonic games, some number activities, some language activities and active learning will help prepare them for a full school curriculum and develop their confidence to be school ready in September.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help or want a question answered. This can be done on Tapestry or on our nursery email account -


Georgina Wilson

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 12

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 12 1
Nursery/home learning challenge grid 12 2
Nursery/home learning challenge grid 12 3

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 11

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 11 1
We have been creating portraits of our Dads and Grandads. I think these pictures show a definite likeness. I have removed the names so as not to spoil the surprise for Father’s Day on Sunday, but maybe you can recognise who they are?
Picture 1

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 10

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 10 1

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 9

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 9 1

Week beginning 1st June - It was so wonderful to receive the children back to nursery today. The children were fantastic at following new routines so I thank you all for your support in preparing them. The children are a credit to you, they are resilient and appeared to understand the need to be hygienic and keep safe. So proud, well done 👍🤗.

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 8

Nursery/home learning challenge grid 8 1

We are excited to open our doors tomorrow to our nursery children. We will run things differently but we will have fun, we will be active and we will keep safe.


All families have had information on Tapestry with our new guidelines and procedures, but here is a photograph of the nursery classroom, ready for the children.

Picture 1

Update for the week beginning 25th May 2020


Its half term this week, I hope you will be able to enjoy the fine weather that we are predicted to have. My advice would be to wear the children out by being busy and active. Get them to run around, make obstacle courses and run off some energy. Keep them busy with helping with those jobs round the house - can they match up the socks and take each to correct bedrooms to be put away? You could make chapattis like Hishaam or use fabric pens on a T shirt like Alissa has, play with bubble mixture like Joy or create a volcano like Jacob - great experiences for all children whatever their age.


I hope now you have all received your child’s report. If you haven’t please alert me via the nursery email account. Equally if you have any questions or comments please email and I will get back to you.


Miss Hancock and I are getting things ready for a likely return to school on the 2nd June. I will make contact through tapestry to give an update on some considerations before the start back on Tuesday. Again if you want to contact me about the return to school either use Tapestry or the nursery email account.


Have a great week and keep smiling,


Georgina Wilson

Update for week beginning 18th May 2020


We have changed the suggested learning this week and based it all on the story The Zoo Vet. Please find the resources on your child’s tapestry account as it is too large to add to the website. The grid below gives some age appropriate activities to try and I’m sure many of you will think of loads of animal related learning. Please remember all activities are valuable and will contribute to purposeful learning experience. You are doing a great job, keep it up. I look forward to seeing the fabulous photos on tapestry. 


You may want to weave in some independence skills with a view to your child starting big school or full time nursery, eg dressing and undressing, managing their own shoes and socks, coping with coats and zips, managing the toilet routine on their own to now include washing hands for 20 seconds without a prompt, tidying up and being responsible for their own toys, helping with chores....please view the story of Suzie going to school, this will give an easy way to discuss some school experiences with your child. Scroll down the page to find this.


We have continued support on Tapestry for you, and there is access to online support on Purple Mash, as well as reading and phonic support on Bug Club. If you have mislaid logins please alert us and I can resend those to you. Our email ( is there for you message me if you need any support or just want to share something, equally Tapestry is a safe platform if you send a new message, it remains private between you and myself (if you write on a group message then all in the group can see that message).


Keep safe and well and keep smiling,

Miss Wilson

Home learning challenge grid 7

Home learning challenge grid 7 1

Home learning challenge grid 6

Home learning challenge grid 6 1

Home learning challenge grid 5

Home learning challenge grid 5 1

Home learning challenge grid 4

Home learning challenge grid 4 1

Home learning challenge grid 3

Home learning challenge grid 3 1

Activity grid 2

Activity grid 2 1

Activity grid 1

Activity grid 1 1
Picture 1

Lockdown Links

Here is a list of useful links to help support children during school closures.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!

We return from our half term break to “Money, Money Money week”. In nursery we have created a role play cafe, with a mixture of healthy and unhealthy food. We plan to have a sale to sell homemade pizza with healthy toppings and have made pretty table decorations also to sell to raise money for our school and for charity.








Welcome back after the Christmas and New Year break. We welcome three new families to our nursery class, we hope you are very happy with your new adventure with us.

Our half term topic (after the first few weeks) is Animals Beasts and Dragons. We will explore Chinese New Year, jungle animals and small bugs. We will find out information about the animals and represent their different patterns and features. An outline of the plan is below if you scroll down.


We have got stuck in with a big focus on the book “Naughty Bus”. We have laughed and been surprised at his mischief and re created some of his antics in our own play. Messy but fun!

We have role played, learned some new catchy songs and read, and reread and reread the book.



We have a cave in nursery. Delilah the dragon has come to visit us and she has bought her sparkly treasure for us to explore in the dark with torches. Luckily she is a friendly sort of dragon but sometimes a little noisy! We have had great fun this week role playing dragons and exploring the effects of light on resources.



We went for a welly walk this week to look for signs of Autumn and change. We found plenty of brown and yellow leaves and different size sticks. We went into the woods and found sycamore seeds too. We threw them in the air to watch them spiral down. Back at the classroom we have made Autumn pictures and sung Autumn songs.



Our Meet the teacher meeting was on the 19th September. Don't worry if you missed it, the powerpoint I talked through is attached to the bottom of the page.


We very much look forward to welcoming the new families for the Autumn term ahead. We have been invited in to meet all the children and begin to get to know them and now we are raring to go! We will have a busy term ahead, please see the topic plan below of possible avenues of learning but we always follow the children’s interests and ideas. We go outside everyday so suitable clothing is essential, raincoat, wellies in the rain, and gloves and thicker coat when the weather gets cooler.  Spare clothes are really helpful for if your child gets wet or has an accident.  Clothes can be kept in a draw string bag on their named peg. There is no need to pack snacks or drinks, we will provide these for your child. Nursery times are 8.50am-11.50am.  If you think you maybe late picking up your child please phone the office so they can get a message to us.


If you have any questions please speak to either Miss Hancock or myself, Miss Wilson.