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Children have been in now for a few days and they have been coming in so well and managing confident a goodbye to their grown up. This is fantastic and parents must have been so positive about their child’s new start at school and prepared them so very well, thank you. Let’s cross our fingers it continues, although, it is quite normal to have a few hiccups; we will be ready to support your child when necessary.


One of our activities has been making faces using the loose parts. One child here has had fun making a face “he thinks nursery is so much fun, he loves it.....he really likes it outside on the new climbing....he really likes it inside too, it’s all his ‘fravourite’”!

We very much look forward to welcoming the new families for the Autumn term ahead. We have tried to meet all the children remotely and begin to get to know them and now we are raring to go! We will have a busy term ahead, please see the topic plan below of possible avenues of learning but we always follow the children’s interests and ideas. We go outside everyday so suitable clothing is essential with raincoat, wellies in the rain, and gloves and thicker coat when the weather gets colder.  Spare clothes are really helpful for if your child gets wet or has an accident.  Clothes can be kept in a drawstring bag on their named peg. There is no need to pack snacks or drinks, we will provide these for your child. Of course if you are with us all day bring a nut free packed lunch. Nursery times are 8.50am-11.50am or 8.50am- 2.50pm with an optional top up til 3.20pm. If you think you maybe late picking up your child please phone the office so they can get a message to us.


If you have any questions please speak to any member of the Nursery team. 


In the meantime share the photos below with your child to help them see what the nursery environment is like and hopefully they will spot something they like doing and working with. See you very soon.


Georgina Wilson, Amy Larkin

Our outdoors has been upgraded!

We are very nearly ready!

New Nursery Parents


Thank you for joining us for our remote nursery intake meeting. Here is the PowerPoint below covering the details talked about at the meeting. We will contact you very soon with a start date for your child and a small group online meeting to say hello to a few friends before starting in September. In the meantime if you have any questions or have any concerns please email the admin team and I will get back to you. We look forward to getting to know you all very soon.


Georgina Wilson

A message for any nursery families that are coming to us or staying with us in September.


I have attached a pdf story of a child starting school for you to share with your child. This will enable you to introduce the idea of going to nursery or school and possibly staying all day. This will help all children especially those that will be full time in September. Read the story and talk about it with your child. Doing this several times every now and again will help your child understand some of the experiences that will be ahead for them and help them cope emotionally for what could possibly be a challenge. It will be ‘welcome back’ to those families we know and for those that are new, we are looking forward to meeting you and beginning the process of getting to know you.



Georgina Wilson, Early Years Lead

Nursery team for September 2020

Getting ready for school/Nursery

Autumn term 1 plan

This is our topic map with possible coverage of the different areas of learning. We keep our plans flexible so we can respond to the children's ideas and interests.

Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!