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Class 1

Dear Parents,


I have changed the way each child gets their new spellings for each week.  Instead of sending home their spelling books with the new list to learn inside, I am now putting these spelling lists into their homework books to go home for the weekend.  You will still be able to obtain the new lists each week from the website as per usual.  Their spelling books will remain in school as too many children were leaving them at home on Friday.

Many Thanks


Mr Leonard

One of our PE slots has now changed.  Our PE sessions will now be every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoons.  (Wednesday slot has been changed)

Phase 2 to 5 sound button word resources


Please find attached a really useful resource to practice with your child.   (5 mins at a time)


We have been working a lot on our sounds.  I believe it would be highly beneficial for each child to practice using their knowledge of sounds and continue to blend with real words.  


It is common for children in Year 1 to identify sounds, but when it comes to blending with words, they can often struggle.  This resource will really help them progress quickly with their reading and writing, which is crucial this year. Any extra practice at home (daily or couple times a week), will be of great benefit.


We are looking at arranging an afternoon (after school) with parents so we can provide extra guidance using these cards and for you to be able to reinforce what the children are being taught in school.


If you want to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to contact the office and I will more than happy to discuss it further. I am also aware that not everyone will be able to make a time straight after school due to other commitments. I'd be happy to discuss via a phone call otherwise.

Many Thanks

Mr Leonard 

Please can all parents label PE and school uniform. This would make it a lot easier getting Year 1 changed quicker and out on time on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Can I also ask for PE bags to remain in school from Monday and then can be taken home at the end of the week.  There have been a few children who have been without proper kit for our PE sessions, especially as we have these sessions on consecutive days and Dance class the night before.  If you are taking PE kits home after dance classes, please can you bring them back in the morning.

Many Thanks


Mr Leonard

Spelling books:


Please make sure you are practicing your spellings.  The books do not have to be in school until Friday morning as this the day we will be testing the spellings for that week.  Please do not leave spelling books in their homework folders.


Many Thanks

Please find a link to the Letters and Sounds website to practice with your child.  It is a huge part of our focus in Year 1 to work on all their sounds across each phase across all subjects.  Any extra practice at home will go a long way securing and reinforcing their learning.


If you wish to discuss in more detail, please feel free to contact via the office, to book a meeting.

Welcome back for the new academic year.  Here are some dates for your diary:


Meet the Teacher - 19/09/19

Harvest Service: - 07/10/19 @ 10am

Parent Consultations: 22/10 & 24/10


Our PE sessions are every Wednesday & Thursday afternoons so please make sure they have the correct PE kit each week.

If you wish to discuss anything regarding your child, please contact the office and I will contact via phone or book an appointment where necessary.


Mr Leonard

Mrs Trainor

Year 1 Expectations September 2019