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Hi Parents,


Firstly, welcome back for the final term of the school year!  Our topic leading up to the half term break will be learning about Kenya and comparing this with the UK.


I have attached a link for a survey that we would like the children, with your assistance, to complete.  Leverstock Primary currently are in the process of setting up a school newspaper so the whole school will have this link for homework this week via teams. Please can you support with Year 1 answers this week.


As an addition for homework this week - The week back from 1/2 term will be the phonics screening for all Year 1 classes across the country. Please can you read as much as possible and practice the phase 3 to phase 5 word list. These are already attached on this page - phonics phase 3 to 5 flashcards


Many Thanks

Mr Leonard

Dear Parents,


We has left the children's homework behind today, so I have loaded it here for everyone to access.


Mr Leonard

Zones of Regulation Parent/Carer Meeting

Year 1 Phonics Screening Meeting

Dear parents,


You might have noticed that the children did not receive their homework packs today.  There was an issue with the printer which has now been sorted. Homework will be sent home tomorrow (Friday 14th January.)

Many Thanks


Mr Leonard

10.1.22 - English lesson (Covid absence)

Use last weeks picture of Dogger

Dogger is soft and brown.  Can you think of any other colours and make a list?  When you have your list, can you think of a sentence with your chosen colour?

7.1.22 - English Lesson (covid related absence.). Watch Dogger (by S. Hughes) again via you tube first

Dear Parents/Children,


Welcome back and hope you all enjoyed the Christmas & New Year break! Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely gifts.  It was very unexpected and myself, as well as Mrs Trainor & Mrs Robinson were extremely grateful to you all.


This term our topic is all about Pirates!  This is always a great topic, full of fun facts and captures the children's imagination.  They have already shown great excitement on the 1st day back and I hope it will be a great Spring term leading to Easter.

I have attached lessons for tomorrow (below) for any children off for covid related illness. Please can any work be submitted to the email.


As a reminder. PE is every Mondays and Wednesdays still. Children can come dressed for PE on those days.


Please can I ask all parents to listen to children read - ideally 5 times a times - between 5 to 10 minutes.  The next 2 terms are crucial for their  reading fluency and your support is greatly valued and extremely beneficial in order for each child to reach pupil expectations for the year. 

If you need to speak to me, please feel free to chat to me at the end of the school day or for a more formal meeting, please contact the school office and a scheduled meeting can also be arranged.

We look forward to making this term a great few months for the children. I know they are going to love the topic!


Many Thanks


Mr Leonard


6.1.22 - English Lesson (Covid absences)


Below is a link for our English text for the next couple of weeks - Dogger by Shirley Hughes.  Please can children watch and then discuss who the characters are within the story.  How can Dogger be best described? (eg. Dogger is a soft toy.) 

Many Thanks

Mr Leonard

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Dogger written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.Help support the channel by clicking the link and subscribing!

Production today

Today we had a very exciting day in KS1 as our production ‘Christmas Around the World’ was filmed! It will be edited and shared securely with parents/carers before the end of term. We were very excited that Fido (our school dog) also made an appearance! 
We plan to do a screening for each class in the school to see! 

Thank you to all of the staff, parents and carers in KS1 for the lovely costumes and support getting the production together. 

Mr Beach 


Dear parents,

Below is next weeks lessons for anyone off due to covid.  Please send any work to


Many Thanks,

Mr Leonard

Year 1 Teacher


Dear parents,

This week, we have not added any sheets for homework as we would like them to make their own Tudor style house.  We are planning on recreating a scene from the Great Fire of London in 1666 (as part of our History topic this term) where we plan to set fire to the houses on the playing field to finish off the unit.  Please can you use empty cereal boxes to recreate your house etc... 

We included the sheet into their school bags with some pictures and a link to show how this could be made.  There are many others on YouTube. 

We have 3 weeks until the Christmas break so a slightly longer deadline is available to complete.


Many Thanks

Mr Leonard

Dear parents,

If your child is off due to covid, work will be set and attached to this class page. Please can you send back to:


Many Thanks

Mr Leonard

Homework - 21.10.21

Year 1 Homework 14.10.21

Dear parents,

Please can I ask all children's clothing to be named.  We currently have 2 sets of trousers and 2 tops and a vest.  All unnamed inside the classroom, in our lost property box.  Please feel free to look at the end of the day if you have items missing.


Children must have a coat now the weather is changing. They will not be allowed outside without one.


Snacks - please can you provide healthy snacks for break time.  Chocolate or chewing gum is not allowed in school.


Many Thanks

Mr Leonard & Year 1 team

Meet the Teacher slides 13th September 2021

Homework - 9th September 2021

I have asked the children to decorate their home learning book for their 1st task this week so they get used to the idea of having homework set again now they are in Year 1.  I shall be uploading some useful phonics cards so each child can practice at home each of the key phases (Phase 2 to 5). Please can you flashcard these to your children as much as possible?


Many thanks


Mr Leonard

Dear Parents,


Welcome back to the new academic year! We are already coming to the end of the 1st week back and the children have been settling in well.


This term's topic is all about Amazing Animals and we have lots of fun and engaging lessons arranged this academic term.


As a reminder, we have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. (Children can come in their PE kits on Wednesday morning as our session is 1st thing). 


I have handed out reading books and reading records to each child. I shall be hearing each child ready once a week on average.  Please can I ask you all to assist with as much reading as possible, at home?  We ask for children to read up to 3 times per week for up to 10 minutes.  


I am more than happy to assist any parents that need any tips/pointers when it comes to developing the children's reading fluency.  This will also be covered during the virtual meet the teacher session on Monday 13th September 2021 after school (around 3:45pm).  Do not worry if you cannot make this event as I can chat to anyone after school to address any concerns and I shall be put the power point up on the class page to view otherwise.


Homework - this is set every week.  The children will receive their home learning packs on Thursdays which is then expected to be handed in the following Tuesday mornings.  This will usually consist of a Maths and English task. but also around particular topics we are covering at that time.


If you would like to arrange a more formal meeting, please can you contact the office and they will liaise with me and a suitable date will be put in the diary where you can discuss any concerns you may have.



I look forward to getting to know you all throughout the year.



Mr Leonard


Proper Hand Washing Technique

Pretend the black ink is soap!