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Our Vision

At Leverstock Green CE Primary School, the Christian values of love, respect and forgiveness are at the heart of everything we do. We believe all children have a unique contribution to make to the life of our school; they will be nurtured as individuals and be given the best educational experience and opportunities we can provide.


Our vision is that through the development of five essential learning powers, our children will be well-prepared to continue their educational journey as aspirational lifelong learners.


Through these learning powers, our pupils will:


Reflection: be ready for and excited about the next stage of their educational journey


Responsibility: achieve to the best of their ability and have mastered the fundamentals of technology, including the dangers inherent in its use. Understand their role as guardians of the natural and physical world.


Resilience: grow up to be happy, secure, confident adults with high self-esteem and an enthusiasm for life. Be prepared to take risks with learning and to learn from their mistakes.


Resourcefulness: gain a wide range of interests and skills, including sport, creative arts, science, languages and technology.


Reciprocity: show caring attitudes towards others and themselves, including those less fortunate, and be able to utilise their skills for the benefit of all. Develop a mutual understanding and acceptance of others' beliefs, cultures and lifestyles.


Our vision also extends to our staff. Through strategic leadership and governance, opportunities for continued professional development and sharing of expertise, they will be supported to meet their individual goals and aspirations.