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Welcome back, we hope you have all had a fantastic break and are fit for the term ahead!  Our focus is on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales.  See below for the possible learning that will take place on the topic plan.  Incy Wincy has already appeared in our water tray, and children are having a wail of time exploring the pulley and singing the song.



Its Nursery Nativity time again. We have been singing and singing to get ready to share the story of the birth of Jesus with you.


It’s on Wednesday 12th December at 10.45am in the nursery. Please be prompt and take note that there can only be two adults per nursery child. Younger siblings are welcome but buggies and car seats are best kept outside. If the younger siblings are noisy it will also be best to take them outside. Thank you


Nursery now has its very own dark cave. Delilah the dragon has moved in and has brought some treasure with her. We can see her treasure sparkle and shine with our torches.



Somebody very cheeky is being a dragon and making children in the cave very scared. Who could that be?




Paradise park visited nursery and reception. Sarah the animal handler showed us a bearded dragon first called Eddie Lizard! She told us about where he is from and how he keeps warm and we looked carefully at his claws and spines and brave children felt his scales.  We then looked at what we thought was a hedgehog but it was a tenrec called Griff. We found out he was a carnivore and ate insects. Again brave children felt his prickles by stroking very carefully down his back.





Nursery now has an animal hospital.  We have many poorly animals that need help and attention. It’s lucky we have so many vets who can look after them. The children have been able to diagnose their ailments and prescribe medicine and look after their recovery. The children have also made marks to record just like a real vet would.




We have been learning about birthdays and pumping up balloons - great for shoulder strength need for pencil control.  Children have also been practising controlling pens and pencils decorating cakes. Pop in and see our party corner. 



Children have been having fun outside with reception class making a night train. All aboard!! The children call out. Good team work.

We have been counting crazy this week after doing our autumn home learning activity.  Well done to those children that found and counted autumn items, we have sorted and counted all sorts of leaves, and bits from the trees. We have sang songs too all about autumn. See if the children can sing “the leaves on the trees come swirling down” to the tune of the wheels on the bus!

Topic plan for Spring term 1

This topic overview outlines possible or potential learning so we can respond to the children's ideas and interests.

Topic plan for the Autumn Term

This topic overview outlines possible or potential learning so we can respond to the children's ideas and interests.

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