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Class 3 - Information


Swimming lessons start on Tuesday 30th April and will take place every Tuesday afternoon until the last lesson on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

Children should wear a swimming hat. Please note that Everyone Active no longer provide or sell swimming hats therefore it will be necessary for you to purchase them from elsewhere in advance. It is the child’s responsibility to bring their hat each week and they cannot swim without one.

Check list for swimming bag:

  • swimming costume/shorts/trunks
  • towel
  • goggles
  • swimming hat



PE (Athletics) will take place on Monday afternoons. Please ensure that children have their full, named PE kit with them in school each day.  Please only provide lace up trainers if your child can tie them independently.


Please make sure your child has a water bottle in school with them each day.


Home Learning will be given to children on Thursdays to be completed and handed in by children on the following Tuesday. If your child misplaces their copy of the homework or is absent on the day it is handed out, it can be found on this page (see below).


Reading Records are checked daily at school and children are prompted to change their reading book if they need to. Please date, sign and leave comments about your child's reading in the Reading Record. The Reading Records contain phonics prompts, comprehension questions and spelling lists that you may choose use to support your child at home.


The number facts focus for Summer 1 and 2 will be the 3 and 6 times tables.  Number facts will be given out at the start of term for children to stick in their home learning books and practise at home.


Half Termly Spelling Lists will be given out at the start of each half term for children to stick in their home learning books. Their spelling test will take place at the end of each half term.  If you require additional copies of the list, please print it from this page (see below).


To avoid getting paint on their uniform, please provide an old top that your child can keep at school and use during Art lessons throughout the year.


Our Topic for Summer 1 and 2 will be Our house in the middle of our street. The children will be learning about local history and geography. Please see the Topic Map below to find out what we will be learning in Summer 1 and 2 across the curriculum.

Home Learning                   Due in: Tuesday 2nd April 2019

In class, we have been learning about the water cycle.  To show your understanding of the processes involved in the water cycle you should:

  • Draw the scene above using a whole page of your home learning book (landscape)
  • Use arrows and label the key processes correctly to turn the picture into a diagram (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration)
  • Check that you have the following key words labelled and spelt correctly (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, heat from the sun, wind, rivers, sea, mountains)Here is a video link to help you if you need reminding how the water cycle works;

Recommended Reading for KS2

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