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Class 1

I hope all the children and families had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I would like to thank all of the thoughtful families for their very kind and generous cards and gifts. I hope the children enjoyed the party Key Stage one threw at the end of last term and the treats the children were given.


What a wonderful spring term we are having so far. The children were very enthusiastic for our visitors last week. They loved meeting the owls and watching them fly around the hall. Each of the children was offered the chance to have a barn owl named Whisper to sit on their shoulder. Children brought home a proof of their photo on Friday and any orders need to be place by Friday 1st of February.

On Wednesday the children and several helpers went to the RAF museum Hendon. The children loved looking at the old planes and their design. They got to see some of the World War One and Two planes. The children were very surprised by the size of some of them and what they were used for. They had a great time in Hangar one trying on the uniforms and sitting in replica planes. The children enjoyed the Astronaut section too. Look at how air moves across the wings and exploring how gliders work. During our workshop the children learnt about each of the forces which pull on a plane. They were taught about some of the early planes differences and finished it by building their own cardboard planes to fly. The children will be decorating them later this week and then they will be hung up in our classroom.



This week is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths week. The children have lots of exciting things to look forward to including outdoor work, please ensure they have wellington boots in all week, and swapping teachers for investigations and Maths work.

The children will require newspaper and a small plastic bottle for some of their experiments this week. Please, if you have any spare, can you please donate them to class?



In year one the children will have PE on Wednesday and Fridays. They are however expected to have their PE kit in school every day for other sporting events. The children need to have a full kit including a tracksuit as the children will be going outside for PE unless it is raining.


Reading and Phonics

Please can you ensure your child is doing their daily reading at home? The children need to read daily for 10 minutes to help them practice their phonics and improve their fluency. The children will also need to be asked about the text. This week the children will be coming home with their new reading books and reading records and will have a coloured bookmark by the end of the week. This will have examples of questions to ask them about the text they are reading to ensure they understand what they are reading.




Homework goes out every Thursday and is expected back in on a Tuesday morning. This will consist of different tasks based on what the children are doing in school. It will vary from week to week looking at different subjects and different types of activities.





Please can I remind you to ensure all of your children's clothes are labelled as we have had items go missing already and some end up in lost property as they have no name. Please can you also make sure your child also has a named water bottle so they can have a drink of water during the day?


If you have any messages please try to pass them onto Mrs Clarke or Mrs Burgess out on the playground as we like to be there for the children, welcoming them and settling them into their day. This is very difficult if we have several parents wanting to discuss matters right at that moment. If you need a discussion about something, please can you arrange a meeting after school?


If you have any questions to ask or things to discuss please speak to the teacher and arrange time to discuss them with staff at a mutually convenient time.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Conyard

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Muldoon