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Year 6 Production


Thank you for your support with the production this year.

Props borrowed will be taken home by children tomorrow (Tuesday 6th July) as we have finished filming now.

Mr Goddard is editing together the last few scenes this week.


The plan:

Children will watch the production on the morning of Monday 12th July as a 'premiere' before setting off for Manor Adventure.


Whilst we are away, Mr Goddard will be uploading the video production onto memory sticks (1 per family*).  These will be available to purchase via the School Gateway at £8.50 each.


On our return from Manor Adventure, I will add the photos from the trip to the memory sticks along with a leavers video that I have created for the children.  I will aim to have the memory sticks available on Tuesday 20th July; further information will be available soon about where/when/how we can safely distribute them to you.  Please ensure payment is made by Monday 19th July to allow for ease of distribution the next day.


*We can only accommodate memory sticks of 1 per family due to the short turn around after Manor Adventure (given the upload time of large files).


REMINDER:  Photos and video footage, screenshotted or otherwise, from the memory stick should remain offline.  Buyers of these memory sticks do not have permission to post any of the contents on social media.