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Remote Learning Information

Here is the timetable of learning for this week (also available via MS Teams):

Year 6

Key information about using MS Team

  • Your Weekly Timetables can be accessed on this page (above) or through MS Teams by clicking the channel on the left of your screen.  Please read through your daily activities on the timetable before opening the assignments in your rucksack.

  • Assignments will continue to appear in your assignments rucksack and you should be completing them online or attaching photographs of handwritten work before clicking the ‘hand in’ button.  I will then type feedback and return your assignment to you.  Then, you can view my comments and you only need to hand it in again if I have asked you to make corrections.
    • If you made an error with typing on an assignment, attached the wrong photograph of work to an assignment or got a lower score on a quiz due to a technical hitch – these are all things that I will see when I look through your work.  These are not things for you to worry about and you do not need to tell me about them because I will see it all for myself when it is handed in.
    • If you find a task (or a question within a task) difficult, be resilient by using the following strategies in order:
      • Replay the video or reread the instructions and information that was given with the task
      • Think back to when we were in class together – what advice have we given you before that you could use now?  Have we learnt about this before?  Have we done something similar together in class?
      • Look online for more videos or examples that can help you to understand the learning (e.g. BBC Bitesize) – sometimes you just need to see the same information presented in a different way before it clicks
      • Call a friend from the class and see if they can help – if they are struggling too then you know it’s meant to be a challenge that requires further thinking time
      • Complete all the parts that you can do and hand in the assignment
      • Take a break to refocus and calm your mind – go for a walk or listen to some music
      • Then start your next assignment
  • I have created online Reading Records for each of you which can be found in ‘Class Notebook’. I have created a ‘how to’ guide for you to show you how to find them.  Please use the online Reading Record to communicate what you are reading throughout the lockdown - they will be checked weekly.
  • The Espresso login is the same for all students:  Username: student15907   Password: leverstock
  • If you are having technical difficulties, please ask your parent to email


Any separate, extra work (tasks that are not on my timetable) that the children complete, I will not need to see unless they particularly want to share it with me, they need some support with it or they need to check their answers.  They can share their work with me if they go into their 'Class Notebook' and find the folder labelled 'Extra Work...'.  They can start a new page and insert pictures of their work for me to see.


Login Problems

Children were given new Reading Records at the end of last term and were given time to copy their login details into their new Reading Record.  If your child does not have their login details or if there are any technical difficulties accessing remote learning, please email for assistance.


Bug Club

A list of solutions for accessing Bug Club:

  • accept cookies on the web browser
  • allow popups
  • install the up to date version of Adobe
  • check upper and lowercase letters within username and password (some devices automatically capitalise the first letter typed)

If login problems persist, please email for assistance.


Work packs

Staff have spent the day compiling and delivering work packs to children.

The Year 6 packs contain CGP workbooks for English and Maths along with a lined exercise book for writing tasks and squared paper for maths work.  I will be creating a weekly timetable (available on MS Teams) each week and this will indicate pages and activities to be completed in the workbooks.




What will your child need?

  • A suitable device to access online learning (MSTeams will operate on IOS and Android devices)
  • MS Teams, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote software
  • General stationery (pens, pencils, ruler, glue, scissors, colouring pencils)


Children have been given login details for the following online platforms:

MS Teams - This will be used by Mrs E Clarke to share information and work with all Y6 children.  This will include weekly timetables of learning tasks and feedback for submitted work assignments.  Work tasks set via MS Teams may be linked to the online platforms below.

Times Tables Rock Stars - an online platform to be used for times tables practice

Bug Club - access to e-books of an appropriate reading level with comprehension quizzes
Espresso - a range of resources and activities for all KS2 subjects


Whilst students will communicate with their teacher through MS Teams, parents can email any questions regarding work or technical issues to .  This email account will be checked regularly throughout weekdays between 9am and 3.30pm.


Below is the letter sent on 6th November 2020 regarding the event of remote learning.

For those with limited access to technology (limited hardware, internet issues or parents having priority access due to working from home), all children have been provided with 2 hard copy work booklets for use in the event of remote learning.  The booklets contain activities linked to English and Maths.  Spare copies of the work booklets (and the answer booklets) can be found below.