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Reading Records

Reading Records should be signed by a parent/carer and be shown to staff each school morning.  We will endeavour to sign or stamp to show that this has been seen by staff. Please take time to explore the Reading Record with your child as there is a lot of helpful information inside.  Aim to listen to your child read aloud each night and write a short comment where necessary.

In previous years, the Reading Record has been used to communicate messages from parents to teachers e.g. change of pick up, dentist appointment, general wellbeing comments.  For COVID-19 reasons, we ask that any messages of this kind are sent to the school office either by telephone or email (  They will be passed onto class teachers.

Y6 Reading Rivers - Children were asked to draw a river and write down all the books that they had ever read (including books that had been read to them by parents/carers) to create a Reading River.