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Well done to Class 6 children on a fantastic trip!

You all showed great resilience, faced some fears and showed good teamwork skills.

Be sure to have a rest this weekend after such a busy week - you definitely need your sleep!

There are some new photos below and the rest will be on your memory sticks next week

Take care and thank you for the lovely memories,

Mrs E Clarke

Manor Adventure Information PowerPoint

Things you need (additions to the list above):

  • swimming costume
  • ear plugs - if you usually use these for water based activities


Children will need to bring a disposable packed lunch to school on Monday 12th July.  We will be eating early in the classroom before setting off on the coach at 12 o'clock.



Wetsuits are optional. If you have one and want to bring it you can but having just checked with the team at Manor Adventure, they said that most children do not have wetsuits as they are only in the water for a very short time if they fall out of or off their vessel.



I have spoken with Manor Adventure and they have advised leggings or tracksuit bottoms as the best option for 'long trousers'.  Even though we are visiting in July, children will need long clothes for the activities to protect their skin when in harnesses etc.

-Mrs E Clarke