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Year 6 Home Learning information

Home Learning is given out on Thursdays and should be handed in the following Tuesday.  There may be extended projects assigned for Home Learning during the year so please always refer to the assigned due date on the Home Learning.  Should your child be absent on a Thursday, Home Learning will be available to view and download as necessary below.

Due: Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Children have been given both 'Mathematics' and 'Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation' SATs Question Workbooks to use throughout the year.

Pages will be set for completion as part of home learning.

Children should write directly into the workbooks and bring them back to school on the due date.

The work will be discussed and marked in class.


TASKS for this week:

  1. Mathematics - pages 6, 7 and 8
  2. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - page 41

Due: Tuesday 15th September 2020


  1. Maths: Ordering numbers worksheet
  2. English: Standard and Non-Standard English worksheet

Due: Tuesday 8th September 2020

Children have been given their weekly spellings for Autumn 1 to stick into their Home Learning books.


  1. Decorate your home learning book (we will stick your name labels on at school once they have been decorated)
  2. Practise your spellings ready for the test next week
  3. Put on a 10 minute timer and fill in your multiplication square.  Once the timer goes off, highlight any empty remaining squares (or the facts that you took longer to recall).  Pick a maximum of 3 of those times tables facts to master throughout the week:
    • Write the facts on post it notes around the house and say them aloud when you see them (e.g. 7 X 6 = 42, “Seven times six equals forty-two.”)
    • Write the number fact in huge handwriting on a piece of paper and doodle to make the numbers into alien characters.  As you doodle and colour, sing the fact aloud over and over again.