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Year 6 Home Learning information

Home Learning is given out on Thursdays and should be handed in the following Tuesday.  There may be extended projects assigned for Home Learning during the year so please always refer to the assigned due date on the Home Learning.  Should your child be absent on a Thursday, Home Learning will be available to view and download as necessary below.

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 18th May 2021


  • Mathematics – page 29

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 42

  • Memorise your lines for the production

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 11th May 2021


  • Find out why palm oil is harmful to the environment
    • Where does palm oil come from?
    • What countries export palm oil?
    • What is palm oil used for?
    • List the ways it is harmful to the environment
      • Is it the palm oil itself or the way it is collected and transported around the world that causes problems?
      • Think: habitats!
  • Research alternatives to palm oil that are more environmentally friendly
    • List the benefits of using these vs palm oil

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 4th May 2021


  • Mathematics – page 42

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 45 and 46

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 27th April 2021


  • Mathematics – page 46

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 35

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 20th April 2021


  • Mathematics – page 47, 48 and 49

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 47

Home Learning assigned Friday 19/03/2021

  1. TT Rock Stars – compete against Y5 (challenge ends on Thursday morning).
  2. Daily reading – make sure you read aloud at home and have your reading record signed by an adult each day.  It should be brought into school each day!
  3. Play script - read through the play script for our Y6 production and search up the songs online (YouTube and Spotify).  Then decide on which character you would like to audition for on Monday.
  4. Choose 5 words that you misspelt in the big spelling test (marked in your Reading Record) and practise them.

Challenge words for spelling and improving vocabulary:

  • melancholy
  • torrential
  • statuesque
  • immaculate
  • sweltering
  • stagnant
  • hostile

Note to parents:  There will be some changes to the weekly spelling tests after Easter – more information to follow.

Home Learning             Due: Tuesday 15th December 2020


  • Mathematics – pages 27 and 28
  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 33

Spring 1 weekly spellings have been given to children and are available to download from the Class 6 'Spelling Lists' page.

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 8th December 2020


  • Mathematics – page 25
  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 10 and 40

Home Learning           Due: Tuesday 1st December 2020


  • Create a reading river

    • draw a river and write along the sides all the books that you have read AND books that you have had read to you. (You may need to ask your parent/carer to help you to remember books from when you were younger). It would also be useful to look at book lists on websites to trigger your memory. Think about books that you’ve read in school too - Owl Babies, Rainbow Fish, etc. Remember to include Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Stories.  Remember that book titles are proper nouns and MUST have capital letters.  (Children have been shown examples of Reading Rivers in class)

  • Complete the reading comprehension activity ‘The Park’ (which I accidentally printed on A3 paper).

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 24th November 2020

Choose 2 islands to research:

1 island in the Northern Hemisphere

1 island in the Southern Hemisphere


Locate both islands on a map of the world.


Find out:

  • Population
  • Physical features (famous rivers, mountains, volcanoes)
  • Human features (including landmarks)
  • Capital city


This research will be used in non-fiction writing next week during English lessons.

Home Learning                   Due: Tuesday 17th November 2020

Choose 1 of the following home learning options based on your next step from maths this week:

1.  Times tables practice in your home learning book followed by watching and completing the simplifying fractions activities from the White Rose Maths website in your home learning book (the website is available via the class page or via your child’s MS Teams account)

2.  Watch and complete the simplifying fractions activities from the White Rose Maths website (available via the class page or via your child’s MS Teams account) in your home learning book.  Then complete pages 20 and 21 in your Maths workbook.

3.  Complete pages 20, 21 and 22 in your Maths workbook.

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 10th November 2020


  • Mathematics – page 15 and 17
  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 12


What should children be doing over half term?

  1. Rest
  2. Read aloud regularly
  3. Start learning Autumn 2 spellings (write them in sentences/stories to show understanding)
  4. Look back through maths and grammar workbooks and practise/revisit exercises that they found challenging


Children have been given an 'Independent Maths & English Workbook'; this is to be used in the event of a government lockdown.


-Mrs E Clarke

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 20th October 2020


  • Mathematics – page 45
  • Science worksheet - Shadows and reflections

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 13th October 2020


  • Mathematics – page 11 and 12
  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 32

Home Learning      Due: Tuesday 6th October 2020


  • Mathematics – page 13
  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – page 14
  • Design your own wand


An extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to support wand design ideas:


"Hold out your arm. That's it." He measured Harry from shoulder to finger, then wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit and round his head. As he measured, he said, "Every Ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance, Mr. Potter. We use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, and the heartstrings of dragons. No two Ollivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns, dragons, or phoenixes are quite the same. And of course, you will never get such good results with another wizard's wand."

Harry suddenly realized that the tape measure, which was measuring between his nostrils, was doing this on its own. Mr. Ollivander was flitting around the shelves, taking down boxes.

"That will do," he said, and the tape measure crumpled into a heap on the floor. "Right then, Mr. Potter. Try this one. Beechwood and dragon heartstring. Nine inches. Nice and flexible, just take it and give it a


Due: Tuesday 29th September 2020


  1. Mathematics – page 9
  2. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – pages 15 and 30
  3. Bring in either a large orange or a large apple to use for our Art lesson on Tuesday (29th) afternoon

Due: Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Children have been given both 'Mathematics' and 'Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation' SATs Question Workbooks to use throughout the year.

Pages will be set for completion as part of home learning.

Children should write directly into the workbooks and bring them back to school on the due date.

The work will be discussed and marked in class.


TASKS for this week:

  1. Mathematics - pages 6, 7 and 8
  2. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - page 41

Due: Tuesday 15th September 2020


  1. Maths: Ordering numbers worksheet
  2. English: Standard and Non-Standard English worksheet

Due: Tuesday 8th September 2020

Children have been given their weekly spellings for Autumn 1 to stick into their Home Learning books.


  1. Decorate your home learning book (we will stick your name labels on at school once they have been decorated)
  2. Practise your spellings ready for the test next week
  3. Put on a 10 minute timer and fill in your multiplication square.  Once the timer goes off, highlight any empty remaining squares (or the facts that you took longer to recall).  Pick a maximum of 3 of those times tables facts to master throughout the week:
    • Write the facts on post it notes around the house and say them aloud when you see them (e.g. 7 X 6 = 42, “Seven times six equals forty-two.”)
    • Write the number fact in huge handwriting on a piece of paper and doodle to make the numbers into alien characters.  As you doodle and colour, sing the fact aloud over and over again.